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Un-Faced Glass Wool Roll
Established in 2005, United Energy Tech Limited is a manufacturer of insulation materials and construction systems. Nowadays with the idea of environmental protection, United Energy Tech Limited achieved to become a comprehensive enterprise in conjunction with domestic famous manufactures to develop devices renovate technology and promote market.
51 Engineers   4 Laboratories   7 Production Lines
United Energy Tech specialized in development engineering, design and supply of all kinds of glass wool technologies and processes.   We cooperate with reliable contract partners to guarantee the quality.We committed to comply with all requested quality standards.   Until 2017, The monthly output of glass wool is 8,000 Tons. We will continue to expand capacity and apply for more certificates.

Our Market

United Energy Tech glass wool blanket for Metal Building Roofing Insulation are an ideal solution for thermal and acoustic insulation of commercial roofs. The glass wool has a large number of tiny air voids, to play the good role of thermal insulation, sound absorbing, corrosion resistance, stable chemical performance. There are many different laminated insulation facing can be used according to requirements. Both of faced and un-faced glass wool blanket are the best material for metal building insulation applications.